Hi ! I'm Celo.

I'm an anthropologist interested in digital practices, technology, ethics of technology and material culture. Since a few months, I play with Linux, Yunohost, networking and self hosted things. IT Stoemp is a domain to experiment and try stuff :)

I mostly write in french but you can visit my pages :

https://blog.itstoemp.xyz : my blog
https://clic.itstoemp.xyz : my pictures

Fediverse :
Mastodon : https://mastodon.pirateparty.be/@Ce_lo 
Pixelfed : https://pics.brocolis.party/celo 

Contact :
E-mail : cq@itstoemp.xyz
XMPP : celo@pasta.brocolis.party
Matrix : celo@chat.brocolis.party